Horrified Motorist Recorded Woman Casually And Publicly Treating Her Dog Like Trash

A woman was driving in traffic in Houston, Texas, when she witnessed animal abuse so casual and public, it stopped her in her tracks. She was at a red light when she saw a woman saunter down the sidewalk, jerking and dragging a small dog along behind her.

“I’ve just been thinking about the pup all day, all night since I saw that,” the woman said via KTRK news.

Source: KTRK

Throughout the clip, a heartless woman is stomping ahead of a small and obviously frightened dog. The young pup, seemingly paralyzed with fear, couldn’t keep up with the woman.

Instead of waiting for the dog and encouraging it to walk, she’d violently tug on the leash, causing the dog to fly forward.

Source: KTRK

At one point, when the dog flattened himself to the ground in fear, the woman stopped to say something to him. When she didn’t get the response she wanted, she cruelly yanked on the leash again and walked away.

Helpless, the pup fought against her, but wasn’t strong enough to get away.

Source: KTRK

The witness, who wanted to report the abuse but declined to show her face on camera, told KTRK that she felt terrible for the small dog. However, given that she was in traffic and didn’t know the aggressive individual, she was afraid to confront the woman.

Thankfully, she reported the incident to the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable’s cruelty unit, who launched an investigation.

“It is really important that if you see something like this, you have to speak up and share it to the community so this horrible act can be stopped right away,” she said in the video. In situations like this, even if you cannot stop the abuse yourself, it is important to do whatever you can to help innocent creatures in need.

Hopefully, the authorities can locate this disgusting dog owner who was so cruel to a helpless little pup.

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