Woman asks for advice after “allergic” boyfriend asks her to give up dog: “I don’t know if I believe him”

Woman asks for advice after “allergic” boyfriend asks her to give up dog: “I don’t know if I believe him”

Reddit is a popular place on the internet for people to vent their frustrations and ask for advice. Some of these posts come from people who have to choose between their pets and their significant others.

That was the case in one recent viral post, where a woman wonders if she’s in the wrong refusing to give up her dog for her “allergic” boyfriend — read the story and see what people had to say about the matter:

The story was shared in Reddit’s popular r/AmItheAsshole subreddit, where people ask for advice if they’re in the wrong or the one being wronged.

In this case, 21-year-old woman says she recently got a puppy, who is about three months old. She writes that she lives alone and thought it would be a “good idea to have some company.”

However, the pup soon became a source of conflict with her boyfriend, who visits every weekend. The boyfriend, also 21, complains that the dog “is annoying and does not behave,” even though he’s just a young puppy.

Serious Caucasian mid-adult man sitting on the sofa and scolding his mischief Beagle dog

The poster also says that despite her boyfriend’s complaints, the puppy is mostly potty trained, can do some tricks and is friendly with people and other dogs.

She writes that amidst their arguments, the boyfriend brought up a “hypothetical,” asking her if she would give up the puppy if he was allergic.

“I’ll admit I said yes, since he has shown no signs of allergies,” the OP wrote. “Or at least I thought.”

Soon after that conversation, the boyfriend informed her that he had a “painful rash” that he blamed on allergies to the dog, and seems insistent that she make good on her word and give up the dog, despite her efforts to compromise.

“I said I’d buy an air purifier, de-shedder, and wash the sheets every week before he comes. But he says none of that will help,” she wrote.

On top of that, she suspects that the boyfriend may be making up his allergy to force her to get rid of the dog, saying he hadn’t been over in two days.

“I don’t know if I believe him,” she wrote. “AITAH for not wanting to give my dog away even if I said I would?”

The post soon went viral on the site – and the comments were overwhelmingly in the woman’s favor. “Keep the puppy. Dump the boyfriend asap,” the top comment reads.

“Agreed, fur babies are for life. Boyfriends are replaceable,” another chimed in.

“This boyfriend only developed the allergy after you said you’d give the dog away if he had it. He’s full of s**t,” another Reddit user replied. “Keep the dog. To the dog you are the world.”

Some shared their own experiences of demanding boyfriends and urged her to keep the dog rather than giving in to this seemingly toxic relationship. Others wrote that the boyfriend’s behavior is a definite “red flag,” and that she should get out of the relationship before his behavior escalates — or even harms the dog.

The woman has apparently taken these replies to heart, and based on her replies on the Reddit post it seems like she is going to keep the dog.

“No doubt I’ll protect my precious baby! He deserves it,” she wrote.

It’s unbelievable that anyone would make their SO give up their dog or even fake an allergy, but we’re glad this woman is refusing to give in and will keep her precious puppy.

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