Wolf-like Creature Caught Walking Outside Of Zoo Spooking People Out

Chupacabra? Sasquatch? Yeti? Werewolf? There are many humanlike animal creatures of urban and historical lore that have captured our imaginations for hundreds of years.

So just what was it that cameras at the Amarillo Zoo captured on a dark, early morning outside their gates?

The zoo in Amarillo, Texas shared a photo to social media that went instantly viral because of the strange image that the zoo’s surveillance camera captured on camera.

The bizarre black and white image shows a figure with wolf-like features walking upright like a man. The camera only caught a still shot as they don’t have any video. Nobody was around at the time.

Thousands have commented about what or who they think the shadowy figure might be. Some people obviously poking fun, while others seemed genuinely fearful.

“Clearly a young werewolf…not a big deal,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“Definitely chupacabra, yep,” said another.

A chupacabra is a mythical monster from central and south America mythology that is rumored to suck blood from livestock.

Anther viewer wrote, “Navajo Skinwalker…Google it.”

“I agree with others that have said skin walker,” commented one person in response. “Those things are real and I’ll just say no thank you!!”

The real-life explanations of such sightings are often a coyote suffering from mange or bears suffering from neurological or physical impairments that force them to stand upright are eerily human.

One person took the “hands off approach” to the request for information on the UAO, writing, “Oh wow! That looks like none of my business.”

Speculation continues as to whether the creature spotted was a person dressed up in costume out for a late-night stroll or a creature that will haunt your dreams.

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