Good Samaritan Steps Up To Help A Dog Trapped Inside A Hot Car

Zoey Thornton was at a grocery store the other day when she noticed a gathering of people in the parking lot. She soon learned there was a dog trapped in a hot car heavily panting in the extreme heat.

Store employees were alerted to the situation, but a half hour passed without the owners coming forward. So a Good Samaritan stepped up to do what needed to be done.

She recorded as the man smashed the window to get to the dog. The poor thing was very thirsty, and they immediately tried finding a spot in the shade.

The police ended up arriving and had no issue with what the Good Samaritan did to save the dog, and they issued the owners a warning when they finally showed up.

Somehow people continue to leave their pets in hot vehicles alone without understanding the consequences.

Help spread awareness!

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