Man Shatters Window Of A Mercedes To Save Puppy Left In The Hot Car

A man who has remained unnamed is being hailed a hero by the public after smashing the window of a Mercedes-Benz to save a little dog left inside the car on a hot day in Swindon, Wiltshire in England.

The owner of the 14-week-old Terrier mix left the dog in the car to do some shopping, and the police received reports of the dog in distress.

Photo Credit: SWNS

The police have deemed the man’s actions as lawful, and he will not face punishment for shattering the car window.

Community support officers looked after the dog before returning it to the owner and issuing a formal warning over the incident.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Inspector Steph Daly of the Wiltshire Police added that while most people would never harm their pet on purpose, ignorance and recklessness can lead to committing such an offense putting their pet’s life in jeopardy.

“People just don’t think it’s going to happen to them,” he said.

A dog should never be left alone in a car no matter the temperature. “People are animal lovers, and if they see something they’re not happy with, they’ll take action,” he continued.

It’s unfortunate that this keeps happening, so the stories need to keep being shared to raise awareness.

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