Watch How A Service Dog On A Flight Was Given Pillow By A Stranger To Make Him More Comfortable

People frequently feel joyful after reading stories about strangers making kind acts. Similar to how the netizens are feeling about this event of a stranger aiding a puppy.

You could be smiling ear to ear after seeing a cute video of the interaction that was posted on TikTok.

The footage is published on the dog named Munchie’s TikTok page. The dog’s bio describes him as “a trained service dog who also enjoys life, leads a canine lifestyle, and hunts lizards.”

The video shows the woman and the lovely puppy sitting in adjacent seats on a flight, with the phrase “She’s an angel” uploaded alongside the clip.

The woman donated her pillow to the dog to make him more comfortable, according to text that is inserted into the video.

Check out the video here:

A few days ago, the video was posted. The video has received close to 10,000 views since it was posted, and that figure is steadily rising. People have also left a variety of comments in response to the share.

My heart just broke open. I would have followed suit. I want lots of snugs and I need my dog to be comfortable,” a user wrote.

Another person added, “So sweet.” A third person remarked, “This is so precious.” This gives me such joy. I want it to be me. What a wonderful guy,” a fourth wrote.

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