Unfailing Proof That All Dogs Go To Heaven Is A Dog-Shaped Cloud

A photo is taking the internet by storm, for good reason. The photo of a cloud shaped like a dog isn’t just beautiful; it’s proof that all dogs do go to heaven.

Dog owners go through so much heartbreak when their dogs cross the Rainbow Bridge. It’s the heartache that people who haven’t lost a pet rarely understand. You hear, “But they’re not like your actual kids, right?” Or my favorite, “He was just a pet.”

This is not just infuriating but it’s complete BS! Losing a pet is losing a piece of yourself. So when this photo made its rounds, it was a simple, gorgeous reminder that our best friends, our furkids, the dogs that steal our hearts and never give them back, really do go to heaven.

Could this cloud in the sky be a reminder that our dogs are always looking down on us, protecting us? Could this be a message from God?

Here’s a closer look:

The photo above isn’t the first ‘Dog Cloud’ on record. Check out this gorgeous dog leaping through the sky!


And another! A ‘Dog Cloud’ was shared on Pinterest. The cloud’s profile is uncanny!


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