With Only Two Pit Bulls Left At Shelter, Man Works Overtime To Help Them Find Homes

Pit Bulls Papa and Bowman couldn’t help but notice all the other dogs at the animal shelter getting orange cards. The orange cards designating a dog is now on hold for adoption.

They also noticed the shelter was almost empty of the other homeless dogs, leaving only them waiting for families.

Joe Kay, the adoption coordinator at the shelter in Wooster, Ohio, also noticed Papa and Bowman. He was convinced the two dogs knew what the cards meant. That’s why he made each of them a promise he would find them a home.

Firstly, Kay made sure the shelter staff immediately began to spoil the dogs. He did too, showing up during holidays and off-hours to make sure that Papa and Bowman knew a better life was waiting for them and he hadn’t forgotten his promise.

Kay’s dedication would pay off as you’ll see in the video below. And the reactions of the two dogs when they see the orange cards in Kay’s hands? It is so incredibly heartwarming!

Kay works with the Wayne County Humane Society and you can keep up with his work and the other adoptable dogs he looks after on TikTok.

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