Two-Legged Tiniest Chihuahua Puppy Loves To Race Around On His Wheels

Disabilities are not uncommon to our household pets. They could live a long time and develop a disability, or some could be born with their disability.


As owners, it is our job to provide for their needs and help them live comfortably no matter what. Ashley and her dog Turbo’s inspiring story tells us that dogs with disabilities can live wonderful lives.

Turbo, the two-legged chihuahua, has a story to tell.

“As soon as I saw him, I completely fell in love,” Ashley said in a YouTube video.

Turbo is a chihuahua born with only his hind legs. Due to his disability, Turbo had a hard time living with the rest of the litter.


His siblings would gang up on him and his previous owner could not guarantee Turbo’s safety. Thankfully, a woman named Ashley Looper met Turbo and fell in love with him. She immediately welcomed Turbo into her life.

Ashley persevered in nursing Turbo as best as she could.


To strengthen Turbo’s hind legs, she would take him on small walks and would formulate some exercises to slowly build up his leg strength. Ashley continued this process, all the while searching for dog carts to support Turbo’s front body.

Unfortunately, no dog cart companies could provide for a cart for a dog as small as Turbo.


Instead, Ashley searched for another way to give her dog what he needed. She started building makeshift dog carts out of various materials for Turbo. It was like trial and error to see what worked best for her dog’s comfort.


Ashley made an Instagram account for Turbo. It went viral, and Turbo caught the attention of kind people from across the globe.

An aerospace engineer from San Diego was one of the people who fell in love with Turbo. The engineer created a design and crafted a dog cart specifically for Turbo.


When Ashley received the kind donation, it was time for Turbo to try his new wheels. It took him some time to get used to them, and his family started getting worried.

Eventually, Turbo began running with another one of their dogs, bringing tears to Ashley’s eyes. Turbo got used to his cart and enjoyed running everywhere with it.

Dog lover Ashley gave a safe and stable home to Turbo.


It was Ashley’s hard work and perseverance that allowed Turbo to grow up well-nourished and comfortable in a wonderful home. His growth may not be the same as the other dogs, but he is living his life just four-legged dogs do.


Just a year after Turbo, Ashley decided to adopt another two-legged chihuahua that she named Ruby.

Turbo might have noticed that they were the same, which made it easier for them to bond. Now Turbo and his two-legged friend are completely inseparable.


Ashley continues to do her job to take care of these special dogs. She gives her pups the full amount of love, care, and attention that they need. Her inspiring ways might just be able to encourage people to do the same.

Check out the whole video of Turbo and Ashley below.

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