Everyone was caught off guard when two pit bulls wandered into the hospital…No Way!

No, it’s not the beginning of a bad joke. A pair of pit bulls really did walk into a hospital, but they just wanted to say hello and see what was going on!

Needless to say, it caught everyone off guard.

St. Luke’s Anderson Campus hospital is used to seeing visitors in their building, but recently they were surprised by a pair of friendly Pit bulls, who walked in to say hello.

In surveillance footage, the two dogs are seen casually strolling into the lobby, startling one of people there, before they made their way to the pharmacy, where they eventually caught the eye of the pharmacist behind the counter, who couldn’t help but wonder what was going on.

The hospital posted the surveillance video of the two curious dogs and explained, “St. Luke’s Anderson Campus is considered one of the most patient friendly and patient accessible hospitals in the region.

And pet friendly? We had unexpected visitors at the Anderson Campus last week! Two dogs strolled into HomeStar Pharmacy in Anderson’s Medical Office Building. Imagine our Pharmacists surprise when she noticed who was waiting to be helped!

We are happy to report we were able to safety transport the dogs out of the hospital! The dogs enjoyed the accessibility and welcoming employees at St. Luke’s Anderson campus!”

Security came and gave the dogs some water before leashing them and taking them under their care until police could arrive and reunite the two dogs with their owner.

The dogs’ mom, Kathy Tamasi later thanked the staff at the hospital writing, “Thank you saint Lukes staff for caring for my 2 escapees! I’m glad they had enough sense to hang out there!”

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