‘Trash bag pup’ left in dumpster completely transforms after finding a new home

It’s heartbreaking to think of all the dogs who live in terrible conditions, never knowing a real home. But thanks to kind humans, their fortunes can change overnight.

That was the case for one dog, who went from sleeping on trash bags to having a loving family to care for her.

Two years ago, a dog named Stella was living on the streets of Puerto Rico. According to Pooches Out of Puerto Rico, the dog had been dumped there by her former owners, thrown away like trash.

Heartbreaking photos show the dog asleep in the garbage dump, using bags of trash as a bed, her only source of comfort.

But thankfully, her suffering was soon over. Pooches Out of Puerto Rico, a rescue based out of the Northeast US that aims to rescue abandoned and stray dogs from the streets of Puerto Rico, took Stella in.

The rescue gave the poor dog some much-needed kindness. “We are happy to say she’s finally doing better,” they reported.

Thanks to the rescue, Stella found her forever home with a woman named Heather Martin and her family.

“A coworker shared with me about Pooches Out of Puerto Rico, so my husband and I looked into them,” Heather told The Dodo. “We fell in love [with Stella] instantly.”

She said that when Stella was first found, the dog was suffering from a number of ailments, including mange, hookworms and scabies, and her struggle for food left her underweight at only 9 pounds.

But since then, she has made an unbelievable transformation, settling in well into her new home. Heather called Stella a “loving, sweet, playful, curious super chewer who loves to be in the sun.”

What an incredible transformation. We’re so glad this beautiful dog finally has a real home and no longer has to live in the trash.

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