Town Refused To Help Poor Dog Next Door, So Neighbors Break Into Yard To Rescue The Dog

For years, a Golden Retriever endured the hellish clutches of abuse from his owners. He was often beaten up, chained without food, and his muzzle taped shut.

The neighbors’ patience wore thin as they witnessed the dog slowly slip away into depression.

Animal Advocates Society

One day, the dog barked hysterically, then started lying motionless on the cold concrete. The neighbors knew that at this rate, the dog would soon be dead. They took the bold decision to break into the dog’s yard.

They hopped over the fence, unchained the dog and brought him home. They called him Alfie. The couple were aware that the extreme abuse had left Alfie vulnerable and sensitive.

They treated him with extra patience and love and waited for him to recover from his traumatic experiences.

Animal Advocates Society

Soon, Alfie came to trust his new parents. He became the life and soul of the house with his happy prancing and joyful smiles.

He would go on picnics on the beach and dance around the family during all celebrations.

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