Top 25 Most Popular Family-Friendly Dogs

23. Pit Bull Terrier


Though often thought of as a beastly-fighter and monstrous breed, the Pit Bull is often a beloved family-friendly breed, says Cesar Millan. While single dogs in any breed may be abused to become dangerous, the Pit Bull breed is by no means an attack dog like the reputation it has unfortunately been given, notes Cesar Millan, the ASPCA and Dog Breed Info.

According to Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer and a strong advocate for the bully breeds, Pit Bulls started as “American’s darlings” before they were given a bad rap in the mid 1980’s. He says the unfortunate use of Pit Bulls in dog fighting and as gang guard dogs was further escalated by media hype over isolated attacks (nowhere near the same attention is given to other breed’s attacks).

Despite the sad story that has tainted many owners’ views of a wonderful and affectionate breed, Cesar Millan points out that for hundreds of years dog owners were held responsible for their own pets and this dog breed was considered very child-friendly.

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The Dog Whisperer is not the only professional who decries the common misconception of Pit Bull Terriers; the ASPCA also points out that the reputation as an unpredictable and dangerous dog is false, Pit Bulls do not have “locking jaws,” they are not prone to attacking people and they should be socialized early on with other animals to avoid animal-aggressive tendencies.

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