Top 10 Reasons Why Owning An English Bulldog Is The COOLEST Thing Ever

If you've never owned an English bulldog, you probably won’t laugh as hard. Heck, you may not even chuckle. But, on the other hand, if you currently own, have owned one in the past, or even know an English bulldog, these will ring true. So, without further ado, here they are:

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5. They snuggle better than any other snuggle buddy you’ll ever have.

Their kisses are like Xanax.

three bulldogs sleeping together

4. The insane amount of snoring emitted by an English bulldog prepares you for sleeping through an F5 tornado that was spawned during the detonation of an atomic bomb next door to your house.

You will become immune to the snoring. You will not, however, become immune to your husband’s snoring. EVER.

bulldog sleeping napping


3. They are the only breed of dog that can skateboard, surf, fart, and snore…. simultaneously.

Skateboarding Bulldog


2. English bulldogs are great vacuum cleaners and dish washers.

Don’t believe me? Just drop a cookie or lay down a half-eaten plate of lasagna.

bulldog hungry begging for food

Drum roll please……



1. The gas emitted by an English bulldog has been rated by the EPA to be a natural alternative to Napalm.

If you can survive one day with English bulldog, you can survive guerrilla fighting in the Congo.

bulldog farting passing gas frowning

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