Tired Boxer Argues With Owner About Bedtime

Tired Boxer Argues With Owner About Bedtime

Spanky the Boxer is ready to go to bed and insists that his owner come too. They have a very cute argument about when bedtime is.

Boxers are large breed dogs that are intelligent, active, and affectionate. This big dog can be quite silly but is the ultimate family dog.

The Boxers loves all members of his family, including young children. As one of the most popular dogs in America, it is no wonder that the Boxer is in high demand.

Below, let’s learn some fun facts about this playful and loyal dog.

1. The Nose Knows
Boxer Dog Facts

Probably the most endearing characteristic of the Boxer is the shortened, squished snout. This type of dog is a brachycephalic breed, which means the dog has a shortened airway.

Although Boxers are relatively healthy dogs, brachycephalic dogs can be prone to overheating very quickly. Always be sure to exercise in the morning and evening before the intense midday sun has a chance to heat up.

2. It’s All Natural
Boxer Dog Facts

Boxers have naturally long tails and naturally floppy ears. Because many Boxers were once working dogs, it was popular to crop both the tail and ears to avoid having them catch on snags through the forests.

Today, the ears and tail docking are primarily up to preference, but docking is illegal in many countries.

3. Overflowing Love
Boxer Dog Facts

This breed of dog is well known for its loving and affectionate nature. Unfortunately, sometimes all the love this dog has to offer is just too much to contain in young dogs.

Boxers that are only a few years old are known to be exuberant jumpers, which can be dangerous for young children or for seniors who are unsteady on their feet.

The first command to teach a young Boxer pup is “down” to help control the excited jumping.

4. White Boxers
Boxer Dog Facts

Years ago, an incorrect stigma was attached to white Boxers that labeled the dogs as undesirable or known to carry certain genetic conditions.

Many breeders once euthanized white Boxer puppies to avoid a bad reputation in breeding circles. Luckily, this practice is not commonly conducted anymore, and white Boxers are regularly available for adoption.

5. European Roots
Boxer Dog Facts

The Boxer was bred and developed throughout Europe and was a trendy dog for hunting. The dog was intelligent, strong, and courageous.

As we know it today, the Boxer was featured in Flemish tapestries that date from the 16th century, giving us an insight into this dog’s popularity as early as the Middle Ages.

6. American Newcomer
Boxer Dog Facts

Although the Boxer is an ancient breed of dog, it wasn’t widely popular in the United States until recently.

The first Boxer was brought to America following WWI, but the breed really didn’t grow in popularity until around the 1930s.

Four main dogs often referred to as the “Four Horsemen of Boxerdom,” are primarily accredited with developing and growing the breed in the United States.

7. Ongoing Popularity
Boxer Dog Facts

The Boxer was undoubtedly late to the scene in the United States but quickly rose to prominence. Of the available and recognized breeds in the United States, the Boxer ranks the 11th most popular across the country.

8. Handy Helper
Boxer Dog Facts

The Boxer is a great therapy and service dog and is often seen working alongside individuals. Not only can the Boxer be an exceptional guide dog, but Boxers have been trained to help with seizure detection, alerting their owners to an impending seizure.

9. Class Clown
Boxer Dog Facts

The Boxer can be a very disciplined and obedient dog, but he also has a silly streak. The Boxer is largely known as the class clown and will perform silly antics to burn off extra energy and to get some attention from his owners.

Be careful though, as cute and funny as the Boxer can be, too much pent-up energy can become destructive.

10. Wide Color Variations
Boxer Dog Facts

There are several available colors for a boxer, but the most common coat color is fawn. Boxers can have black and white markings and commonly have a black mask coloration.

The Boxer has short hair that is easy to groom and doesn’t shed as much as other short-haired breeds.

11. Fresh Face
Boxer Dog Facts

What could be cuter than the adorable shortened snout and pinchable Boxer wrinkles? Not much. But, those wrinkles do require some extra maintenance.

The Boxer, in general, has very minimal grooming requirements, but dirt and debris can quickly become trapped in the skin folds around the face.

To keep your Boxer healthy, be sure to clean out the wrinkles with a wet cloth fairly regularly to prevent irritation and possible skin infection.

12. Stubborn Streak
Boxer Dog Facts

The Boxer is an extremely intelligent dog that is capable of learning new behaviors very quickly. Capable being the keyword.

The Boxer is an incredibly stubborn breed who will stoutly refuse to participate in an activity or behavior that he deems boring or silly.

Boxers can be exceptionally skilled at agility and obedience competitions, but you will have to work hard to convince your Boxer it is worth his time.

13. Early Standards
Boxer Dog Facts

This breed of dog has a long history and has most likely looked different throughout its history. The standard for the Boxer that we know today was likely derived from the German Boxer.

In 1895, Munich established the first Boxer Club, which helped breed and develop the modern-day Boxer.

14. Kid Friendly
Boxer Dog Facts

The Boxer’s history may be filled with war and fighting, but the modern Boxer is a true lover, not a fighter. This dog adores children and loves spending time with his family.

The dog is affectionate, patient, and gentle, and well suited for children of all ages.

15. Put Up Your Dukes!
Boxer Dog Facts

The name of the Boxer isn’t a coincidence. The Boxer is aptly named because of the boxing motion this dog will make with his front paws.

When the Boxer plays, he will sometimes stand on his hind legs and jab his front paws outward, making it look like he is trying to box!

16. Young At Heart
Boxer Dog Facts

Boxers take a long time to mature compared to other dog breeds. If you have a Boxer, expect the puppy-like antics to continued until they are at least three years old.

A Boxer will not have his mature colors and stature until he is three.

17. Ancient Breed
Boxer Dog Facts

The Boxer is a very old breed of dog, and its ancestry dates back to around 2000 BCE. The dog was first developed in the modern-day country of Albania and was widely used in war because they were brave and strong dogs.

18. Long Lifespan
Boxer Dog Facts

For a large breed dog, the Boxer is incredibly long-lived. The dog is relatively healthy, with very few genetic conditions passed through the breed.

On average, a Boxer can live between 11 and 12 years, but many Boxers have been reported living to the ripe old age of 16 years.

19. Hollywood Fame
Boxer Dog Facts

Popular movie star, Humphrey Bogart, was a well-known dog lover. He received his first Boxer as a wedding present and was quick to add more to his herd.

Throughout his life, he would eventually add two more Boxers to his original dog. Bogart was routinely photographed alongside his favorite four-legged companions.

20. Family Inheritance
Boxer Dog Facts

The Boxer is an ancient breed of dog and is thought to be closely related to the Mastiff and the Bulldog.

The Boxer was selectively bred for hunting, and the breed of dog we know today was largely bred throughout Germany in the 17th century.

Boxer Dog Facts

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