Tiny pup abandoned inside backpack in freezing cold, found alive on road by Good Samaritan

We all love having an animal pal around, but not many of us understand that getting a pet means welcoming a family member in our life. Many times people fail to realize all the time and effort it takes to take care of a four-legged animal. They sometimes buy their children little cute doggies for their birthdays or for Christmas and then when they get over the joy the ‘gift’ brought, they want to get rid of the poor soul.

The same thing happens when the pet gets sick and requires round the clock care or expensive medications. The vet visits and check-ups may cost an arm and a leg and not every pet owner can afford to take them at a moment’s notice. In cases like this, people should know their options, such as various insurance and payment plans that will help them avoid the financial trouble.

If they really can’t afford further care for the pet they can always give them to a shelter or an animal rescue organization that will try to find them another home. But ditching them on the streets just like that, and letting them fight for their life all by themselves is beyond inhumane.

The sad reality is that it’s not that unusual for house animals to be found on the streets, exhausted, malnourished, scared and wondering where their human parents are.

Burean Behrens from Caldwell, Idaho stumbled upon the most gruesome sight one could imagine. As she was walking down the street, she noticed a backpack thrown on the side of the road. Luckily, she decided to check what’s inside and who it belonged to.

“It was an awful site and I’m just glad I stopped, I thought maybe there was a library book or some identification,” she wrote on the West Valley Humane Society’s post. “I assumed the backpack was a child’s and just got left behind, so my original intent was to try to return it to the owner……. then it started moving!”

Posted by West Valley Humane Society on Thursday, January 24, 2019

To her surprise, she saw a dog inside. A small cute puppy that was cold and trembling. She took it with her.

“…she was so caked in feces and soaking wet, after I bathed her I kept a couple towels around her and put her under my heating blanket with me,” she wrote. “Honestly she was covered almost the whole time, even when I handed her off to animal control I had her wrapped….she was dry but I sent a baby blanket with her.”

“Only time I really saw her unwrapped was when I sat her down to see if she could stand on her own after some food and water and being warmed up. But I was super concerned about what I thought was neurological issues going on that I really didn’t pay attention to her coat.”

Posted by West Valley Humane Society on Thursday, January 24, 2019

“I think if she were stolen and her owner was still looking, they would have claimed her or left WVHS know by now…… especially with all the shares, attention, and news coverage. It’s sad, but my personal opinion had been from go, and is still, that her owners dumped her after her symptoms worsened.”

After the story of this poor doggy was posted online many people contacted the center and saying how they were willing to welcome it in their home. But according to the West Valley Humane Society, if the dog gets better and becomes adoptable then Bahrens would choose whether she would take it home or leave it to the next person interested to adopt. However, who ever steps in should be aware that taking care for this dog won’t be that easy.

Posted by West Valley Humane Society on Thursday, January 24, 2019

The shelter is trying to track down the person responsible for the horrible act of abandoning a living soul like that.

“Attention: We need your help!” they posted on Jan. 24. “Yesterday we received a young, Terrier/Chihuahua blend at the shelter. She was found in a rural area inside of a backpack that had been discarded on the side of the road.”

“If you have any information regarding this dog, or the owner of this dog, please contact Canyon County Sheriff Animal Control at (208)454-7531. This little girl deserves better than to be tossed away.”

“Thank you to the good citizen that found her and alerted Animal Control. Animal Control Officers work tirelessly each day, in conjunction with our shelter, to save animals and pursue cruelty charges if warranted. If you ever suspect cruelty, please contact animal control immediately. And if you, or someone you know, cannot keep an animal, please surrender them to your local animal shelter.”

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