“Mini” bulldog was so tiny she almost didn’t make it. Now she’s unstoppable

A young bulldog was bred to be so small, when she was discovered she weighed less than 2 pounds and was unexpected to survive.

Little Hopelily was bred to be a mini-bulldog, and was bred to such extremity that she was in sick and in desperate need of help.

Despite being so close to death due to her small size and breed-type, her new life and feisty personality have proven that she’s a true fighter that isn’t willing to let these setbacks slow her down!

Bulldogs are riddled with complications, from eye issues, joint issues and skin issues and more. Combined with her small size, it took a long time for Hopelily to get well- it was so bad that her human, Nikki Carvey, the founder of Road Dogs And Rescue, was actually unsure at one point if she would pull through.

Despite everything, she did, and is now healthy! Hopelily spends her time at home with her family, where she gets to cuddle and play with the other dogs!

Despite the obstacles that faced the tiny dog, Hopelily is a true fighter that has proven that small doesn’t mean she can’t be strong.

These breeding practices impose harsh realities towards the lives that have to endure a life of health problems and pain, but even in the face of all of this, Hopelily is proving to be a happy little dog!

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