This Corgi Has BIG Dreams. What She’s Training For Looks Even BETTER In Slow Motion!

A journey can start off with the craziest and most unlikely of dreams. This little Corgi’s journey certainly did, and his dream brought him all the way to a very cool dog competition: The Purina ProPlan Incredible Dog Challenge. This event is designed to let the most skilled dogs out there show off their stuff.

There are many different events that each dog can participate in. It just depends on what their strengths are, and what kind of cool tricks or talents they have worked hard to master. Some of these pups move as fast as lighting! Their agility runs are so fast we can barely see them!

This is why it’s so cool that this video is in slow motion. Now we can really get to appreciate all the hard work each pup has put into acquiring these cool skills. It takes a lot of practice to look this good. You get ’em, you cool dogs!

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