10 Statements That Only True German Shepherd Dog Owners Will Understand

Owning a German Shepherd isn’t really the same as being an owner of another dog breed. German Shepherds are one of the most distinguishable breeds and are so intelligent and obedient that they can be trained as service dogs.

Which is why they are such a desirable breed. Wouldn’t want a dog that is handsome, smart, and listens to everything you say? But there are certain things that only owners of this breed know. You’d understand if you were German Shepherd owner.

Here’s what we mean:

1) In Addition to Your Children’s College Tuition, You’ll Also Have to Save Up For Dog Training Sessions Which Could Cost Just As Much

They are so smart and can be taught a heck of a lot so you could throw down some serious dough while helping them to reach their full potential.

Source: Flickr/Marilyn Peddle

2) You Have to Be Real Specific When Referring to Your Dog

It’s mandatory to explain to people that you’re talking about a breed of dog rather than a shepherd that lives in Germany.

Source: Flickr/Guinea Fowl Flock

3) You’ll Have to Grab Your Packages at the End of the Gate and You Can Forget About Girl Scouts Selling Cookies at Your House

Even though you continually tell everyone how friendly your sweet dog is, they still refuse to get anywhere near your front door and try to avoid your lawn at all costs.

Source: Flickr/Homeandgardners

4) Alone Time… Ain’t No Such Thing

Your German Shepherd wants to be with you all day every day.

Source: Flickr/Cheryl

5) Your Home is Well Stocked With Windex

Because your German Shepherd likes to create art with his nose and your glass surfaces.

Source: Pinterest

6) People Automatically Assume Your Dog is Employed

They also ask if he’s a police or some other kind of another service dog because they just look like they’re responsible.

Source: Flickr/State Farm

7) You’ll Always Have Someone Whose There For You

Because your German Shepherd will always be your most loyal friend.

Source: Flickr/Tim Parkinson

8) Sick Days… There Are No Sick Days

Your dog is so full of energy that he has to run, jump, and play every… single… damn… day.

Source: The Daily SHEP

9) Everything You Own Has Teeth Marks

Because they love to chew and chew and chew and chew. Shoes, clothes, pillows, it’s all fair game to a German Shepherd.

Source: German-Shepherd-US.com

10) Having a German Shepherd Means That Even You Get Corralled By Your Dog

Because when they are ready to eat, they gently nudge you toward their food bowl.

Source: American Kennel Club

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