These 12 Human Foods Could KILL Your Dog

There’s a ton of foods we eat that you probably didn’t know could be REALLY bad for your dog.

As a responsible dog owner, it’s critical to know what you can and can’t feed your dog.

There’s nothing worse than having your dog suffer over a simple mistake in diet.

While they’re still man’s best friend, they probably shouldn’t eat like your best friend.

See the detailed list of the ‘12 Human Foods That Could Kill Your Dog’, including what chemicals these foods contain and what they can do, on the next page:

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95 thoughts on “These 12 Human Foods Could KILL Your Dog

  1. From someone who was brought up with my family breading pedigree King Charles cavaliers, had rescue mongrels and as an adult owns pedigree boxers I know about most of the things on the list! But all these warnings are If your dog ingests large amounts! Eg! Choc is very dangerous for dogs but if they steal one of you chocs from your quality street Tin it won’t kill them! With regard to milk and cheese if your dog I lactose intolerant you will soon pic up on there bodies reaction on the 1st or second time they have it and not give it to them again!!! Common sense!! Although many breeders and show dog owners will use cheese instead of meat as tip bits around the show ring!! Bacon?? please! The odd bit of a bacon sandwich occasionally won’t hurt, feed them it regularly and all the time it will!! Common sense is the key! These things aren’t great or healthy for dogs but the odd bit or accident where they eat a little of this stuff by accident or a bit of scraps won’t kill them!! Just be a sensible and responsible owner and you will be fine!! Don’t panic if your dog eats one apple core you left on the side! Etc!! I hope people understand where I’m coming from with this mini rant!!

  2. Dogs descended from wolves they are not wolves any more!!! Wolves have been domesticated into dogs for centuries and along with that there diet has changed and there tolerance to things that would be in a wolfs diet!! If you take any breed Puppie today and try ween if off mums milk to raw meet it will upset there stomach more then anything!!! Raw meet is full of bacteria and has more chance of making you dog unwell then any market dog food!! Your dog descended from wolves but is not a wolf anymore! It’s your best friend and companion!! Expect they have evolved into domestic animals and so has there stomachs!! If you want a true wolf as a pet it would probably eat you and your family!! I love wolves and love dogs but after centuries of domestication they are two different species!!!

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