Dogs Wearing Caps and Gowns Graduate From Pet Therapy Program

Mississippi’s Gulfport Memorial Hospital organized a glittering graduation ceremony for over a dozen newly trained therapy dogs.

The best part is that the fresh canine graduates got to don proper caps and gowns as each one of them and their respective handlers were honored with medals and certificates!

Source: Inside Edition/Youtube

The hardworking therapy dog trainers were overwhelmed as the ceremony progressed, and many of them shared their personal experiences of watching therapy dogs heal people with their miraculous presence.

They believe that therapy dogs are born, not made. Every therapy dog has their own unique personality that helps them comfort different people with different struggles.

Source: Inside Edition/Youtube

These new therapy dogs will shortly begin their services at the hospital. The hospital staff have experienced that therapy dogs make a huge difference in the recovery of critically ill patients with low morale.

They hope that every facility has enough service dogs who work alongside the doctors and help humans heal. That’s such a noble idea!

Source: Inside Edition/Youtube

This particular batch has spent several months visiting nursing homes, libraries and hospitals to hone their skills and learn different ways to assist humans in need.

From tiny Dachshunds to giant Newfoundlands, therapy dogs of all shapes and sizes were happy to be celebrated and adorned in this special ceremony.

We wish these dogs and their handlers good luck!

Click the video below to watch the uplifting and emotional graduation ceremony of these new therapy dogs!

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