The Coolest Dog Products On Amazon You’ll Wish You Bought Years Ago

What can’t we buy online these days? There are so many innovative and cool things popping up everyday, that it can be a little overwhelming to think about.

Rewind some (several) years to when I was a kid. I was a huge book nerd and would read about cyborg glasses and thought to myself about how awesome they sounded. I liked to imagine that they would invented in my lifetime, though I didn’t think they would be. Now, they’re commonplace and easily accessible. You can find various makes and models of them on Amazon right now.

Now is the time to invest in yourself, your home, and even your pets. Some of these inventions are honestly so sick, I was shocked to discover how affordable and widely available they are. You’ve got a WiFi-controlled, temperature-regulating mug that you can heat up using your phone. Then, you’ve got a self-cleaning litter box that you can also control via smartphone. Forget the future is near; we’re living in it right now.

Thanks for reading about our favorite finds from across the internet! FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Dog Camera Comes with a Treat Tosser and 2-Way Audio

This Furbo treat cam had been sitting in my cart for a while before I finally bit the bullet and added it to my life. It connects to my camera and lets me watch my fur kiddos cry for mommy when I’m in the next room for more than 12 seconds. To calm them down, the Furbo spits out treats, while the 2-way audio lets me check in and listen for any sounds of distress.

This Smart Feeder Tends to Your Fur Babies Meals via Your Smart Phone

Every morning, at exactly 6am, my sweet little princess pooch starts whimpering at the door, gradually getting louder and louder until I can’t ignore it anymore and reluctantly get out of bed to get her food. The thing is, breakfast isn’t until 9 o’clock. I decided enough was enough and got this auto-feeder. It’s pre-programmable with up to 15 meals at a time. My favorite part? It features a record button so I can leave a custom message for my babies. Now, mommy gets to sleep in and everyone is happy.

Manners maketh pet with this classic bow tie collar and leash set

This bow tie collar and leash set is perfect for pets with high self-esteem and who consider themselves a gentleman of sorts. After all, if Bill Nye the Science Guy is still rockin’ a bow tie, you can rest assured it’ll make your pet look just as striking.

Beat boredom with an automatic ball launcher

If your dog loves playing fetch, they’ll love this automatic ball launcher. It takes all the work out of playing fetch and will keep your dog busy for hours until they tire out.

collapsible water bowl for dogs who love the great outdoors

This collapsible water bowl is a must-have for any active pups on a hot day. This bowl is made from tough and durable nylon that dries quickly and lies flat when not in use.

Bring your dog along for a ride with a basket pet carrier

If you have a small pup and love going for a bike ride, why not bring them along with a basket pet carrier? It’s super easy to install with quick-release buckles. It also comes with a tether and a mesh cover for additional security if your pup tries to jump out.

Make bath time stress-free with an anxiety reducing mat

This anxiety and boredom relief mat makes bathtime a breeze! Smear some peanut butter or other smearable treats and stick it to the side of your bath for your dog to go to town on. It’s easy to clean, dishwasher safe and even supports dental health!

No pool? No problem

This large pet pool is perfect for any size dog that loves to splash away in the summer heat. It features a foldable design that’s easy to set up and store and is resistant to weather and UV. It also comes with a hose adaptor so that you can attach your hose directly to the pool for a more interactive swim!

Prevent overheating with a cooling vest for dogs

With summer right around the corner, you must prepare for potential overheating. It’s incredibly dangerous, and keeping your furry best friend cool must remain a priority. Now your dog can sunbathe all they want in the blistering heat with a cooling vest designed for dogs. All you need to do is soak it in cool water and let evaporation do the rest!

Travel in style with a shaded pet stroller

If you have a dog that likes to be picked up or want to take your cat for a stroll, then this travel stroller is a perfect solution. It can be used as a stroller for walks or converted into a carrier and even a car booster. It has mesh windows that regulate temperature, so your pet doesn’t overheat and a tether for additional security.

Turn heads at night with a light-up harness

Sometimes you and your dog just want to go for a late-night walk to clear your heads. Keep your dog visible to yourself and others with a fashionable light-up harness that’s sure to garner the attention of others.

Some walks just deserve to be pampered with class with a braided leather leash

Unlike other sub-par leashes, this braided leather leash won’t fade or crack with heavy use. It’s built to last and make you feel like you and your pet feel like you’re walking down Oxford street.

Have the most stylish and protected dog on the block with a pair of Walkee Paws leggings

These leggings are waterproof and act as socks, shoes and booties all in one! They not only give your dog some style but also protect them from both hot and cold weather.

Pamper your pet with an orthopedic faux fur bed

If you have an older dog, you can be sure that they’ll love this soft, fluffy orthopedic dog bed designed to have no added pressure on their joints! It also features a waterproof and non-slip bottom to easily fix any tile or hardwood floors, so your dog can safely step on and off the bed.

Say goodbye to dusty dog beds that get too hot for your dog with an elevated cot

Unlike traditional dog beds, this sleeping cot is elevated 8 inches above the ground to keep your friend away from dust and extreme temperatures. It’s genuinely a lounge chair that they can enjoy!

Long-lasting flea and tick prevention with a flea and tick collar that you don’t have to replace every month

Unlike other flea and tick medications that you have to apply every month, you can put this collar on your furry friend and forget about it for the next eight months! The odorless, non-greasy medicine is almost like it’s not even there.

Save time and energy vacuuming with this popular de-shedding brush

Many brushes can end up hurting your friend and aren’t that effective. However, Furminator has a cult following, and many owners swear by the product. You can get this brush for dogs and cats and in two sizes — for short and long hair. It’s incredibly effective and removes loose undercoats without damaging the topcoat or your pet’s skin.

Keep track of your dog, wherever they run off too with a dog GPS tracker

If your dog loves to make a break for it or you’re worried they might when they’re off-leash, this GPS tracker is a must. It’s incredibly light, coming in at under an ounce and attaches to your pet’s collar without irritating. When they have this on, you can track your pet throughout the world and monitor their health and fitness!

Have a pooch that hates getting in the bath? Try a waterless shampoo for a quick and easy clean

This waterless shampoo is the answer you’re looking for if you have a pooch that hates a wash. Whether they’re ten weeks or twelve years old, they certainly won’t mind a bath with this shampoo! Simply spray it on, let it soak for a minute and wipe it off.

On the other hand, if they love a bath snuggle them dry with a luxurious wearable dog towel

No matter if they love bathing or hate it, every dog always seems to run to the bed or couch while they’re still soaking wet! This microfiber dog towel is incredibly soft and wearable, so it can dry your dog off while they zoom around.

Stay visible with an LED dog collar

Sometimes, that last bit of energy needs walking off before bed. With this rechargeable LED collar, you don’t need to worry about losing sight of your dog or their safety in barely lit streets late at night! One full charge gives it enough power to stay lit for over a week of hour-long power walks, and it comes with three different flash settings.

rugged but stylish harness for dogs who love to hike

This harness is highly durable and a top choice for any dog who loves going for long hikes. It features a padded chest for additional comfort and five adjustment points for a more secure fit. It also comes with a padded lift handle, so you can help your pup traverse over challenging obstacles or get in and out of your car.

Have Treats On Hand And These Dental Treats Also Fight Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Always having treats on hand in the early training stages for your young pup or new dog is the key to training. These treats are great because they also help you maintain good oral hygiene for your dog, contributing to their well-being and overall health. These dental chews contain parsley, a refreshing herb that works to eliminate bad doggy breath, and are full of essential vitamins and minerals to benefit their immune system.

You Will Need This Slip Resistant Grooming Brush for Shedding

Make brushing simple and comfortable for both you and your pet, thanks to the help of this clever hand brush with a handle designed for any grip. Make grooming your pet effortless and comb away loose hairs or get down to the root of tangles with sturdy thin stainless steel bristles. The thin grooming bristles are suitable for brushing thick fur or short coats, even when they are wet.

Encourage Mental Stimulation With This Interactive Dog Food Puzzle

This Sniff Diggy snuffle mat helps your pet focus their energy on sniffing out their favorite treats. All you have to do is pop treats into the fabric strips, and they’ll use their sense of smell to sniff them out. This mat boosts mental stimulation and is excellent for stimulating an energetic new puppy and supporting the mental agility of a senior dog. The fabric strips also stimulate mealtime to promote eating at a slower pace.

Save Money At The Groomers With These Nail Trimmers

Save yourself unnecessary bills at the groomers and treat your pet to painless nail trimming in the comfort of your own home. These Nail Trimmers come with an ultra quiet rotary wheel and a blade-less design, so you don’t risk cutting too deep or injuring your beloved fur baby. It’s a hassle-free way to groom your pet and a comfortable experience for even the most finicky animals.

Stop Accidents From Leaking With This Microsuede Fuzzy Pet Throw

This Microsuede Fuzzy Pet Throw is waterproof and great for stopping accidents from leaking to surfaces underneath it. Made from tear-resistant fabric, this throw is designed to withstand scratching from animal claws protecting furniture and floors. Your pets will want to cuddle on this high-quality microsuede designed to attract animals right on top of this easy-to-clean waterproof blanket.

Give Them A Helping Hand With This Ramp for Small Pets

This Ramp for Small Pets is built from sturdy wood and equipped with stainless steel fasteners to provide heavy-duty support and maximum durability. The ramp gives your pets simple access to the couch, bed, and car, and can be adjusted to four different heights to make it compatible with almost any piece of furniture in your home. Handcrafted with care and arrive fully assembled and ready for use.

Treat Antibacterial & Antifungal Conditions With This Shampoo

This anti-fungal shampoo is a low-cost alternative to treat pets for skin infections; yeast, fungus, bacteria, mange, hotspots, pyoderma, and ringworm. After a few uses, you will see the quick and effective treatment of common skin infections.

Give Quick Relief With This Skin Allergy Treatment Anti Itch Spray

This Skin Allergy Treatment Anti Itch Spray provides pets with quick relief from infections, hot spots, ringworms, mange, and pyoderma. This antiseptic spray is a veterinary-grade treatment with the perfect anti-itch for dogs and cats. Better than cream, a couple of sprays will stop the itch. Save yourself wasting money on costly prescription meds with little to no relief with this alternative.

Try This Tough Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

This Tough Dog Toy is made with non-toxic TPU pet-safe material. Making it a durable chew toy choice for pets that need stimulation and suffer from boredom. Its strong and long-lasting materials mean it works as a fetch toy, and you can reward your pup and put a treat in the hole or fill with peanut butter.

The Pet Rocking Bed Chair Surpasses All Decent Levels of Cuteness

This pet rocking bed chair is so adorable it will steal your heart. Perhaps it’s the maternal instincts kicking in, but this darling gem is the perfect accessory for medium-to-small-sized dogs! It’s stable, sturdy, and offers adjustable heights for maximum variety and comfort. Because it folds perfectly, it’s portable enough to carry with you on the go. Order one for your precious pet today!

Finally, A Doggy Door That’s Actually Simple to Install

You know this one–the doggy door! But this version I’ve on Amazon is durable, affordable, and super-easy to install. It’s rental/apartment compatible and there’s no cutting required! Available in several sizes so that it’s just perfect for animals of all various ages and sizes. This Top-Rated product is pet-safe and fully energy-efficient. For added security, it even comes with a lock.

Aquapaw Dog Bath Brush Washes Away All Your Worries in a Blast

Super-cool 2-in-1 products like this always excite us! The Aquapaw Dog Bath Brush is a hose and a brush, and we can’t get over how awesome that combo is! It’s the perfect bathing-station supply, is as convenient as it gets, and will save you loads of time. With both a low and high pressure setting, it’s the adjustable, ergonomic grooming tool of your dreams. As a plus, it’s easy to install. What are you waiting for, order one!

The Casfuy Electric Nail Grinder Makes Scary Clippers a Thing of the Past

There’s nothing more your pet loathes more than nail-clipping time. So much so, you probably often dropped this problem off at the groomer’s to let them work their magic! Spare a trip to the doggy salon and try out this nail grinder instead. The adjustable-speed drum files your pet’s nails down to a more comfy length. Dogs and cats will be far less skittish with this, compared to the infamous clippers. Perfect for younger pets who are still getting the hang of this scary world of grooming appliances! It’s lightweight, rechargeable, and portable–just slip it in your bag and take it with you on the go.

This Cordless Pet Vacuum Eliminates All of Your Loose Pet Hair Woes

If you own a high-level shedding breed, this amazingly well-reviewed item belongs in your home now. The Defurry is gentle enough to remove dead hair directly from your pet’s body–and it’s nearly silent, making it ideal for skittish or small pets. What I love most about it is the cordless feature–so efficient and portable! Powered by a 100k RPM motor, this vacuum charges quickly and has an impressive continuous runtime of sixty minutes!

End the Water Works with HIKEOUT Water Dispenser

Your thirsty dog ambles up to his water bowl and the splashing commences, creating a mess and slip-hazard on your kitchen floor. But never fear, I’ve found the perfect solution in the HIKEOUT Water Dispenser. At such a reasonable price, it’s a no-brainer to upgrade to this handy, non-slip alternative. It works by allowing your pet to slowly access the water, stopping the mess before it starts. Complete with its own filter element, it stores enough water for even large breeds, and is dishwasher-safe to boot.

Interactive Treat Puzzle Builds Your Dogs Brain Power as They Eat

Puzzles help to keep our minds sharp, so it’s no surprise that the same is true for dogs. This treat puzzle can keep your fur-kids entertained while you work! Because as we know, nothing’s more destructive than a bored house-pet. Fill this interactive toy with irresistible morsels, and watch the canine brain-work begin. Your doggy learns and earns by flipping, lifting, and sliding to unlock the goodies. A puzzle-solving dog is an occupied dog–if he’s busy with this then he isn’t destroying the sofa!

Dog Socks are Not Just Useful, They’re Adorable

Dog lovers, grab a pair of these for your pup immediately! These adjustable non-slip socks are more than just an irresistible fashion statement. They prevent licking and prevent damage to your hardwood floors! And if your dog is among the few that are allergic to grass, well these are the perfect protection for his skin. Face it, your canine will look absolutely dashing in this classic plaid pattern. Perfect for holiday parties as well!

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