Veteran With PTSD Is Denied A Service Dog, Then He Gets Called To A “Conference”

Milwaukee veteran Shawn Dalton had been struggling with episodes of acute PTSD, disassociation and isolation ever since his deployment.

He knew he needed a service dog to cope with his unsettling night terrors and flashbacks, but the trainers at “Custom Canines” told him there’s a 5-year-long waiting list to get service dogs.

Source: WTMJMilwaukee/Rumble

Shawn lost all hopes of getting a service dog in his time of need, but he signed up for a dog nevertheless.

Meanwhile, his trauma symptoms got worse and he was forced to turn into a hermit to protect his loved ones from his debilitating situation.

Source: WTMJMilwaukee/Rumble

After a year of being on the wait list, Shawn got an invite for a “real estate conference”.

The ex-marine unwittingly went to the conference, but it turned out to be a surprise event meant for some of the neediest people on the wait-list!

Customs Canines proudly presented him with Tango, his very own service dog!

Source: WTMJMilwaukee/Rumble

This meaningful event was sponsored by the non-profit “American Warrior Initiative” and “Fairway Mortgage”, who wanted the service dogs to be immediately available to people with extreme mental conditions like Shawn.

The dogs are well-trained to comfort their owners, and disrupt potentially dangerous episodes.

In this video, we see the precious moment when Shawn is surprised with Tango. Thanks to this thoughtful initiative, Shawn is hoping to get normal again.

What an uplifting story! We wish the pair the best of luck!

Click the video below to watch a report on Shawn being presented with Tango during the surprise event!

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