Stray Dog “Mysteriously” Appeared At School Every Morning, So The Teacher Got Involved

When teachers head off to school each morning, they expect to see students, buses, and the hustle and bustle to get the day started.

They never expect to see a dog waiting in front of the school.

That’s exactly what happened to one elementary school teacher in Houston, Texas. The dog was literally waiting outside the main door of the school.

Source: The Dodo

Teacher, Caleb Schaffer, showed up for work and instead saw a sweet dog waiting at the entrance.

The dog wagged at Schaffer, but the teacher had to get to class, so he walked past the pooch.

He couldn’t stop thinking about the Lab mix outside the building, so he went back to check on him.

Sadly, the dog was gone.

Source: The Dodo

Animal control tried to catch the pooch, but they were unsuccessful. Sure enough, the next morning the dog was at the entrance again, and Schaffer saw him.

The man repeated the same routine, and the dog was missing later in the day again. He did notice how bad the dog’s skin was and how he was whining and scratching it.

Source: The Dodo

Finally, on the third day, the dog was waiting and Schaffer did something. He walked to his car, called the dog in, and the pooch got right into the vehicle with the man.

He took the dog back home to his wife so he could work. Although Schaffer could not keep him, he called around to local rescues.

No one had room. He took him to a local animal shelter where the dog got some basic care and a bath.

He named him Clive and sent pictures to the Urgent Shelter Pets of Houston Facebook page.

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