Stray Pitbull Finds Comfort After Losing Her Babies By Adopting An Orphaned Puppy Named Raisin

Two unhappy stray dogs found consolation in each other by overcoming difficulties encountered in their lives.

Many people have been moved by this story, which shows how love, kindness, and devotion can overcome any obstacle in life.

pitbull and Raisin1

A stray dog was spotted wandering around the streets of York in South Carolina by Animal Control officers. It was extremely cold that night.

As soon as the officers noticed Daya’s pregnancy, they brought her to a shelter. She was taken under the control of Halfway Rescue workers as soon as they agreed to foster her.

Upon medical examination, it became apparent that the dog had problems and needed an urgent operation. She was in danger of not only losing her unborn babies, but also her life.

Unfortunately, Daya lost her children, but fortunately she was able to survive. She looked so sad and unhappy, as though her heart had broken.

pit bull and raisin3

In the meantime, everything changed when a black puppy was rescued from an orphanage. When he was first rescued, he appeared confused and distressed.

She was also found on the streets of New York. There is no doubt that Raisin, the little puppy, has lived a hard  life. One of her eyes was badly injured.

A miracle happened when the volunteers and rescuers from the Halfway Rescue introduced Daya to Raisin.

pit bull and raisin4

Daya immediately bonded to Raisin as if she was the perfect thing she needed to mend her broken heart. Both of them suddenly found the comfort they had desperately been looking for in each other.

They each were the piece that the other was missing and started to heal each other right away. Both of them were adopted and found their new forever homes.

pit bull and Raisin1

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