Stray Mastiff Steps Inside House For First Time, Then He Discovers The Bed

“There’s this huge dog just looking into our office door,” said Kristin Erwin of the first time she saw the stray Mastiff she named Hoss. Hoss stared at her and began to wag his tail.

Kristin Erwin says that the Texas county where she lives doesn’t have animal control or leash laws resulting in lots of strays and dumped dogs in the area.

She posted pictures of Hoss on the lost and found pages on social media but no one came for him.

The next morning when they came to their office again, Hoss crawled out from one of their work trailers and was very happy to see them.

Without finding any fosters and the weekend coming, Kristin and her husband brought Hoss home to foster him themselves.

She immediately could tell that Hoss had never been inside a house.

He didn’t want to step inside and was scared of floors. They kept him apart from their dogs for a week but soon after he began happily playing with them.

He became a house dog real quick. First he discovered the couch. And when he discovered the bed? Bliss!

One month later, a Bullmastiff rescue in New Jersey lined up the perfect home for him. Now called Bunker, he’s showing his adoptive brother (another mastiff) the ropes and how to have fun!

Kristin is thrilled that Hoss has found a forever family. She and her husband, who have been rescuing dogs since 2015, are in the process of building a dog kennel so they can foster more dogs.

To see their progress and support their efforts visit Kristin on Instagram.

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