Stray Dog Kept Sneaking Into Store To Steal Unicorn Toy, Cop Buys It For Him

A stray dog, later named Sisu, continuously broke into a North Carolina Dollar General Store on five different occasions to steal a purple unicorn plush.

Eventually, staff called animal control, and Officer Samantha Lane arrived at the Kenansville store.

Staff told Officer Lane that they caught the Lab mix running into the store every time a customer exited. Each time Sisu made it in, he went to grab the same plush purple unicorn toy.

Mary Shannon Johnstone/Facebook

Officer Lane generously bought the unicorn for Sisu with his own money and gave it to him before bringing him to the Duplin County Animal Shelter.

Sisu was so happy to not only be saved, but to have his favorite toy with him. Mary Shannon Johnstone snapped a few photos of the very happy Sisu, who was smiling from ear to ear while snuggling his favorite unicorn.

“The only thing we can think is that he came from a home where he had a similar stuffed animal or kids in the home did,” Joe Newburn, a supervisor at the shelter, told People.

Mary Shannon Johnstone/Facebook

Not only did Sisu get the toy he wanted, but he has also gotten a forever home! Sisu was placed on a stray hold, but when no one claimed him, he was put up for adoption. Numerous people inquired about adopting him, and the shelter chose the home that was a perfect fit for him.

The best part? Dollar General plans to send a “few extra purple unicorns for the adoptive family,” a thank you gift to animal control officer Lane, and a pet food donation to Duplin County Animal Services!

H/T to People & Duplin County Animal Services.

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