Family takes him to high kill shelter because he no longer deserves their love

Stormy, a 2-year-old Pit Bull, was in for a rude shock when his family dumped him in a kill shelter just before having their fifth baby.

Stormy was nothing but a gentle and loving pooch to the other 4 kids in the house, so the shelter workers never really understood the reason for this cruel abandonment.


Source: Funky Smile/YouTube


The family reasoned that their house was getting “too full” and Stormy had to go. Stormy spent many days waiting for his family to come back for him.

Eventually, he turned into a depressed dog with such sorrowful, haunting eyes that no one ever considered him for adoption.

In the packed shelter, Stormy soon ended up on the euthanasia table. However, at about 2 minutes before the scheduled euthanization, “Eleventh Hour Rescue” volunteers intervened and got Stormy off the kill list!


Source: Funky Smile/YouTube


The volunteers managed to find Stormy a very fitting foster home. Stormy readily grabbed his second chance, as he left his gloomy memories behind and transformed back into the carefree, fun-loving, kind and cuddly baby that he always was!


Source: Funky Smile/YouTube


Update: Stormy is such a delight with kids and ever so respectful with every human and pet, that it was only a matter of time before someone took him home. Recently, Stormy found his forever home, and he spends every second of his life making his new family feel complete!

Check out the video below to watch Stormy’s story of unjustified abandonment and his last-minute rescue!

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