She Hiked A Mountain Every Day For A Month To Gain The Trust Of 3 Abandoned Dogs

What would you do if you came across three abandoned dogs in a forest? Would you just go on your way, or would you try and see if you can rescue them?

A kind woman named Veronica chose the latter option when she stumbled upon three abandoned, malnourished dogs on a hike in the mountains of the Angeles National Forest.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: The Dodo / via YouTube

On that fateful day when Veronica was hiking up the mountain, she saw a black creature lurking amidst the woods.

At first she thought it was a bear, but soon it was clear to her that it was an abandoned and lost dog.

She then spotted two more dogs. In total, there were three Cane Corsos trying to survive by themselves on that mountain.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: The Dodo / via YouTube

Veronica named the dogs Steve, Grace and George. The dogs were very skittish and had lost trust in humans, so Veronica wasn’t able to coax them to come with her.

So she resolved to help rescue them come what may! She came back to that spot for 2-3 hours every day over the next one month trying to feed the dogs and gain their trust.

And it worked!

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: The Dodo / via YouTube

But, Veronica realized she wasn’t going to be able to catch all three dogs by herself, so she called for help. And her call was answered by several rescue groups who all showed up.

Together, they devised a plan to catch the dogs. With much effort they managed to trap and retrieve the dogs safely. The dogs were then take to rehabilitation to get the ready for adoption!

People like Veronica truly restore our faith in mankind!

Click the video below to watch this incredible mountain rescue story!

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