Man lies on sofa and when he calls his dog over, don’t look away

Dogs are easily considered the most beloved animal on earth.

Much of this has to do with their winning personalities. They have NO idea how adorable they are! Or maybe they do, and they have us all fooled. They live to please us no matter what, which is pretty amazing. Especially when we’re having a bad day. Dogs are giant goof balls that we can’t get enough of. And many GIANT doggo goof balls have no idea that they’re GIANT.

Take this St. Bernard for instance. Like many big dogs, Dozer has no idea how big he actually is. And he never lets his large size dictate what he can and cannot do. It’s pretty inspirational actually. Dozer weighs in at a whopping 240 pounds! WHOA! But even at 240 pounds, Dozer is convinced that he’s a lap dog. And who can blame him, really? Dogs love to be as close as possible to their humans and we love to be as close as possible to them.

A 240 pound lap dog may just be the best kind of lap dog out there. Do you agree? Watch what happens when Dozer’s human calls him over and taps his chest… I totally LOVE this video!

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