Dog Hasn’t Seen Soldier In 10-Months And Goes Bonkers Once She Spots Her At Airport

Being away from our pets for long periods of time can be very difficult. It can be even more difficult for our pets, since they don’t understand where we are or if we are coming back.

The past ten months have been extremely hard for Army soldier Cassandra Cabrera while she was deployed in Africa.

Jorge Cabrera jr via Storyful/Youtube

Her beloved pup, Miss May, was waiting for her at home, but Cabrera feared that she wouldn’t remember her since she was only a puppy when Cabrera left for deployment.

But her fears were quickly laid to rest when she reunited with Miss May at Sacramento International Airport in California. Miss May proved in an instant that she didn’t forget her human.

Miss May stood there on a leash as Cabrera rode the escalator down amongst a crowd of people.

WOW! This is the best part! As soon as Miss May spotted Cabrera coming
down the
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