Soldier Sneaks Into House To Surprise His Family And Beloved Dog For Christmas

The holidays can be extremely tough for people who have a loved one in the military. Most of the time they are forced to celebrate the holidays without them, while very few are lucky enough to enjoy their soldier’s presence at the dinner table.

Mike Ciuffoletti’s family thought they would have to spend Christmas without him, but little did they know, Mike had something special planned. Instead of telling them he’d be coming home for Christmas, he decided to surprise them in the sneakiest way.

Youtube/Mike Ciuffoletti

With the help of his best friend who filmed the surprise visit, Mike strolled up the driveway and right into his family’s home.

He nonchalantly walked into the kitchen where all of his family was gathered. The moment they saw him, their casual expressions turned to shock as the tears quickly began to flow down their cheeks.

Youtube/Mike Ciuffoletti

Even Mike couldn’t help but cry as he hugged his family hello, including his doggy who was also just as happy to see him. If this isn’t the best Christmas gift ever, then I don’t know what is!

Youtube/Mike Ciuffoletti

Watch the heart-warming surprise for yourself in the video below:

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