Soldier Deployed 1 Yr Hides Under Blanket — Mom Films Dog’s Reaction To Finding Him

Any dog owner knows the following familiar quote to be true: “Your dog may only be a part of your life; to him, you’re the entire world.”

With that in mind, how difficult must it be for our dogs when we leave them for long periods of time?

A soldier deployed away from his dog for 11 months learned just how much his beloved pooch missed him when he finally came home…

Source: jordan prieto/YouTube

In the video below, a soldier deployed for nearly a year set up the cutest surprise reunion with his adorable pup. The man hid under a blanket on the couch, silently waiting to see how long it’d take the dog to find him.

It turns out, it didn’t take long at all. As soon as Mom opened the door, he was suspicious.

Source: jordan prieto/YouTube

He quickly set to sniffing the couch, working his way all the way around. As he neared the soldier’s face, he couldn’t hold back a whine, as if to say, ‘What’s going on here??’ 

Source: jordan prieto/YouTube

Finally, Dad poked his head out to greet his furry friend.

Source: jordan prieto/YouTube

…and the welcome he gets is priceless!

Source: jordan prieto/YouTube

In this video, it’s so obvious these two are best friends. How they were able to survive 11 months apart is beyond us, but we’re sure glad they’re back together again!

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