Sneaky Dog Makes Neighbors Believe It Killed The Mailman

The dog grew tired of devouring assignments.

Tatanka, a 224-pound English mastiff, shocked residents of an Iowa neighborhood when it was spotted roaming the neighborhood carrying what appeared to be a severed arm that was covered in blood but was actually a fake.

Debra Ann Ridge, Tatanka’s owner, was at home last week when she observed her pet dancing about the garden and flinging the branch into the air.

Ridge remarked, “He carries it around and throws it up in the air.

Before being informed that the arm was phony, a number of neighbors, according to Ridge, also believed it to be real.

When the 57-year-old mother noticed that the dog had somehow gotten into her Halloween decorations, she hurried outside and wiped the bloodied arm.

I was getting ready for Halloween. And each year when I bring out the “renowned arm,” my child gets so excited that he grabs it and flees, said Ridge.

“I purchased the arm from eBay. We’ve had around seven or eight over the years, and it cost around $7.

Tatanka likes the arm so much, according to Ridge, that she simply lets him retain it as his own.

Fortunately, the once-frightened neighbors now get the joke.

The gags they tell include, “I notice he’s been digging in the backyard again,” “Is that the mailman?” and “You certainly have a helpful hand,” Ridge chuckled. ‘ ”

“Has Tatanka dug in the yard once more? security cameras are unnecessary with Tatanka,’ and Ridge added that people are initially frightened by her pup because of his size.

Unfortunately, until they meet him, people are quite apprehensive, Ridge added.

Due to his size alone, many people cross the street when we are walking.

Despite his big and intimidating appearance, Tatanka loves to hug, lounge on the couch, and crack jokes, according to Ridge.

He makes jokes. Out of the three dogs, he cracks the funniest jokes and is quite lively.

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