Blind, Senior Dog Set To Be Put Down Plays In The Snow And It’s Heart-Melting

Every once in a while we come across animals who show us that love for life is possible despite facing incredible odds and hardships. Today, that hero is Smiley, a blind and deaf 15-year-old Golden Retriever, who loves playing in the snow.


Smiley was born without eyes. Add to that, he’s also deaf and had a form of dwarfism, among other physical issues. He was a typical example of a dog that nobody wants. He was in a puppy mill for the first two years of his life, and was on the list to be euthanized.

Then, an angel, in the form of veterinarian Joanne George, entered his life. Joanne was assigned to the puppy mill to euthanize 20 dogs that were no longer ‘needed’. When Joanne arrived at the mill, the conditions the dog lived in horrified her. She just couldn’t find it in her heart to euthanize the dogs, and decided something must be done.


With the help of another vet tech, Joanne managed to save all 20 dogs and found homes for 19 of them. Who was the one dog remaining, you ask? You guessed it right… it was Smiley. Poor smiley couldn’t find a home due to his conditions.

But Joanne had already fallen in love with Smiley. He was the sweetest dog she had come across, and knew it was her destiny to adopt Smiley herself. So she brought him back to Stouffville, Ontario, to live with her.

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Smiley had the greatest attitude. He was so loving and giving that Joanne decided to sign him up as a therapy dog, and it was a masterstroke! Smiley got to do what he loves doing most – making new friends and spreading his love, and the people he met were changed forever from the moment they met him. Such was his impact!

Smiley went everywhere, from schools to nursing homes. You name it, and Smiley was there to spread the joys of life. Smiley lived a full life for 15 years, until he moved on across the rainbow bridge due to cancer. But for the time he was here, he made this planet a more wonderful place with his presence.

In the video below, we see Smiley out on a fun day in the snow. Since he is deaf and can only hear really high-pitched sounds, Joanne keeps calling out to him in a high-pitched voice. The way he follows her voice while enjoying the snow is absolutely heart-melting.

Thank you Smiley, for leaving your paw-prints in the snow and in our hearts!

Check out the video below to watch Smiley frolicking in the snow and having a good ol’ time!

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