Small Dog Loves To Go For Rides On Golden Retriever’s Back

Small Dog Loves To Go For Rides On Golden Retriever’s Back

Lara the Bichon Frise uses Gilda the Golden Retriever as a pony for her to ride around the yard.

Can dogs ride on top of other dogs?

I was reading about a woman who put her two dogs in the car and one of them sat on top of the other. It made me wonder if this is something that dogs typically do or if it’s just something that happened in this instance.

It turns out that while it’s not something that dogs do all the time, it is something that they’re capable of doing. So, if you ever see a dog riding on top of another dog, don’t be too alarmed – they’re just taking advantage of their muscular strength and balance!

It’s not uncommon to see dogs riding on top of other dogs. Smaller dogs often climb on top of larger dogs in order to get a better view or to be closer to their owner.

While this may seem like harmless fun, there are actually some risks associated with allowing your dog to ride on top of another dog.

For one thing, it can be difficult for the bottom dog to breathe properly when weight is pressing down on its chest. Additionally, the top dog may accidentally scratch or injure the bottom dog while climbing on or off.

If you do allow your dogs to ride on top of each other, be sure to supervise them closely and provide plenty of breaks so that the bottom dog can rest.

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