15 Signs You’re A Crazy Rottweiler Person… and Damn Proud To Be!

Ever wonder if your obsession with your rottweiler is healthy or if you may in fact be veering into crazy territory?

Well let's just say if more than a few of these points apply to you… then there’s straight up no denying that you are indeed a crazy rottweiler person!

1. Your refer to your rottweiler as your baby and to yourself as their ‘mom' or ‘dad'.

rottweiler 1Source

2. Things that are normally for human children are now completely normal for your rottweilers as well…

rottweiler 2Source

3. …because you consider your rottweiler your child… an integral member of your family, not just your ‘pet'.

rottweiler 3Source

4. No matter where you are, no matter what streets you have to cross, if you see a rottweiler you MUST say hello to him.

rottweiler 4Source

5. Rottweilers flock to you as if they innately understand that you are a crazy rottweiler person.

rottweiler 5Source

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  1. I can had an incident happen on father’s day where a bunch of drunks came back from a golf outing they intentionally left a golfball on my lawn & my dog had it deep in his mouth I went ballistic

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