Sheriff’s Office Introduces Therapy Dog To Their Team

Morton County Sherriff’s Office announced Wednesday that a different kind of member will be introduced to the team. A new Goldendoodle puppy will join the force in July.

The puppy was donated by Montana Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, whose owner has a family connection to law enforcement. New Salem Veterinary Clinic will donate all vet services needed. In addition to that, Hill’s Science Diet will provide all food for the pup. PetSmart will also help, offering a reduced rate on multi-session therapy dog training.

Goldendoodles are commonly used as therapy dogs in most agencies because they’re hypoallergenic and have a good temperament. The doodle’s duties will be to comfort the children in Morton County schools experiencing anxiety, trauma, or abuse.

“If there is a child that has to testify in court and maybe having a hard time with anxiety and stress of that. Our therapy K-9 dog, we can deploy into the courtroom, and hopefully, that will help make the child’s testimony a lot easier for them to do,” said Morton County School Resource Officer David Tomlinson.

A few years ago, there were only half a dozen therapy dogs in the United States. Now, there are nearly 400 law enforcement agencies that employ therapy dogs.

If anyone would like to donate a badge, vest, or toys to the new “paw-fficer,” you’re welcome to drop them off at the Morton County Sheriff’s Department.

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