Shelter’s longest resident was shy and scared around humans — then family visits 15 times to gain her trust

Shelter’s longest resident was shy and scared around humans — then family visits 15 times to gain her trust

Every shelter dog dreams of finding their forever home, but it takes some longer than others. Many dogs are shy and skittish, and most people don’t want to take the time to get to know them.

But some kind families go the extra mile to win a dog’s trust. That was the case recently, when one family refused to give up on a shelter’s longest resident, visiting him 15 times.

The SPCA of Wake County, in Raleigh, North Carolina, was the longtime home of a shelter dog named Champagne. While she was a sweet dog, she was also very distrustful around most humans — the shelter wrote that she had “stranger danger” and “was a scared girl.”

“It was hard for Champagne to connect with visitors — to her, everyone who walked by her room looked like a threat,” SPCA of Wake County wrote on Facebook.

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in addition to being wary around humans, Champagne also needed to be the only dog in the household, limiting potential adopters. Still, the shelter held out hope that there was someone out there who would love this sweet dog as much as they did.

“She’s notorious for her hilarious facial expressions, her ‘zoomies’ where she runs around the play yard so fast that her front half can’t seem to keep up with her back, and her love of cuddling and belly rubs,” SPCA spokesperson Samantha Ranlet told McClatchy News.

But over months and years, Champagne was always passed over. After more than 800 days, she was the shelter’s longest-waiting resident.

Champagne shouldn’t still be here! 🥺 We can’t get enough of this girl. 4-year-old Champagne can usually be found belly…

However, things turned around when SPCA Wake found a “very special family” who saw something in Champagne that no one else did. While the dog was as scared of them as any other family, they knew they just needed to earn the dog’s trust.

“They understood Champagne needed more than other dogs. She needed time — and patience,” the SPCA wrote.

The shelter says that the family continued to visit Champagne 15 times. Slowly but surely, they earned her trust, “strengthening their newfound friendship and building true trust with this quirky, wonderful, nervous, loving goofball of a dog.”

Finally, Champagne accepted them, and the family officially adopted her!

SPCA Wake County called her adoption a “fairytale ending,” the moment they had been dreaming of for 800 days.

“There were tears, more tears, celebrations, posters, paw prints, and LOTS of pictures,” they wrote. “We truly could not be happier for this day.”

“We are beyond grateful for Champagne’s new family with all of their patience, dedication, and open hearts. Champagne will love you until the ends of the Earth — thank you for giving this special girl a chance.”

Thank you for taking the time and giving this sweet dog a chance! We’re so glad Champagne finally has a home after 800 days in the shelter!

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