She Made Sure Her Baby Was Safe Then Went Off To Die And They Couldn’t Accept That

What wouldn’t we do to ensure our children are safe and loved? That answer is pretty obvious for many parents but would you expect the same from a dog?

video source/Viktor Larkhill

Helen, a mother dog who had experienced unthinkable things, still had something to live for: her son Oscar. Just like her, Oscar was near death. If it weren’t for Viktor Larkhill and his team, Oscar wouldn’t have made it.

They found the pair hiding in a dilapidated building. The rescuers were certain that mother and son would run away. But Helen knew they were there to help.

video source/Viktor Larkhill

The selfless mother kept her son calm as rescuers made their way to Oscar. She stayed beside him just long enough for him to be saved.

The rescue group posted this to their page:

“It was a difficult, tense moment. A sudden movement could have triggered panic and they would have escaped. But the mother did something beautiful… Patiently, she remained still and calm while we won the trust of her son.  Used to unspeakable abuse she must have been terrified at the strangers, but deep inside, but she must have felt that somehow, that rescuer was her son´s only chance.

“And so, she didn´t move an inch while we gained the trust of her son. Only when Oscar was in safe hands, she jumped out and ran away. She had sacrificed her life to save her baby.

While we drove to the hospital we promised to her, and to ourselves, that we would not leave her behind… we promised her that we would save her beautiful son and we would return to find her.”

The rescuers made a promise to Helen, Oscar, and themselves, that once Oscar was safe, they would go back for Helen. They kept their promise.

By the time rescuers got back to her, though, her condition had worsened. She was ready to leave this world. She knew her son was safe and now it was time to go. Rescuers would NOT accept that. They surrounded her carefully and gave her a snack.

video source/Viktor Larkhill

But she was so weak, unable to stand. Still, the team picked her up and brought her in. They were going to do all they could to try and save her.

video source/Viktor Larkhill

Once at the medical center, the team wrote:

“Helen is now in Intensive care. Her condition is as bad, if not worst, as her son's. Helen is completely emaciated and dehydrated, barely alive.

Her blood poisoned by Leishmania, Ehrlichia and anaplasma, as her son was. Her kidneys are barely functioning. On her own, she would have never recovered.”

They worked tirelessly to hydrate Helen as best as they could. But she was still not doing well. They brought Oscar to her, hoping his company would help.

video source/Viktor Larkhill

Just being together brought Helen peace and strength. She began to fight. She had a long way to go but the rescue team was hopeful.

A mother’s love is immeasurable and this is undeniable proof! Watch Helen’s rescue in the video below!

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