She found seven horses sleeping in the stables, peacefully snoring and farting

Liz Mitten Ryan heard a strange noise coming from one of her barns, so she went to look. When she arrived, she could hardly believe what she saw. She knew she immediately had to start filming...

Liz runs a large horse farm called Equinisity. People from all over the world come and visit her, in the attempt of living close to nature and her horses. The horses have large areas to move on. On this day, it was sunny and warm. Still, all the horses decided to go into the barn that day.

They had just eaten and simply wanted to digest food in the shade for a while. Several of them took the opportunity lay down and relax, and it was then that Liz heard strange sounds coming from outside the barn…

It is not uncommon for horses to rest and sleep together as a group, but they must be completely relaxed and comfortable with one another and their surrounding environment. Still, often, one remains awake to keep watch. But on this particular day, all seemed to just want to cuddle together rather than sleep!

I just want to clarify that none of the horses in the clip have any health problems – they simply gathered to relax and ease off some pressure 🙂

You can watch Liz’ movie and her wonderful horses below.

Beautiful horses! Thanks for sharing this hilarious video Liz!

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