Senior shelter dog with a “young spirit” overlooked for over 800 days — looking for a home

Senior shelter dog with a “young spirit” overlooked for over 800 days — looking for a home

Every shelter dog dreams of finding their forever home, but some dogs struggle to get adopted. This is especially true of senior dogs, who are often passed over and overlooked in favor of younger dogs.

That’s the case for one 10-year-old dog, who has been in a shelter for over 800 days — but this “young spirit” is still hoping to find a family who will love him.

Senior dog Bruno has been in the care of Humane Society Naples, in Florida, for over 800 days, or more than two years.

The shelter described him as “the sweetest sugar-faced pup,” a “couch potato” who is also playful affectionate.

Despite Bruno’s many positive qualities, he’s always struggled to find a home of his own. At 10 years old, he’s one of their older pets and is often passed over by adopters in favor of younger dogs.

But while he might be a senior, Bruno doesn’t show his age: Humane Society Naples wrote that he “has such a young spirit.”

“A few pets in, and Bruno’s already letting you know he’s wants more attention, gently placing his paw in your hand,” they wrote. “He’ll show off how happy he is during his walks and playtime by throwing his rope toys repeatedly in the air.”

“Back at home, Bruno’s cozying up on the couch, his warm gaze radiating love and comfort, always there to keep your toes warm and your heart full. With Bruno by your side, every day is filled with playful moments, warmth, and endless joy.”

According to his adoption page, Bruno is a member of the Humane Society’s “Senior Dog Care Club,” so his adopter will receive $500 to use at their clinic, which is helpful for any age-related ailments that might arise.

Humane Society Naples writes that they are also looking for a foster home for Bruno, just to get him out of the shelter after such a long wait. “Let’s find him a foster home where he can get a long-overdue break from the shelter—he truly deserves it,” they wrote on Facebook.

If you are in the area and interested in taking Bruno in, you can reach out to them at or visit their Arx Adoption Center.

800 days is a long time for any dog to be in the shelter, so we hope Bruno finds a home who will take him in soon!

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