Senior Dog Got Lonely, So His Mom Rescued A Friend, Now He Never Goes Anywhere Without Her

Rex, an elderly disabled Boxer pup has an unlikely best friend, S’mores, a guinea pig. The two friends are inseparable since they first met. Wherever Rex goes, S’mores tags along inside a special basket attached to Rex’s wheelchair.

Rex suffers from degenerative myelopathy (DM) and was on a shelter’s euthanasia list when he was pulled by a rescue group. Eventually, he found a loving home with Holly Walthers.

After Rex lost one of his friends and became depressed, Holly looked for another companion for him. S’mores was rescued from a bad situation and needed some love and attention. When Holly brought S’mores home, the guinea pig connected with Rex instantly! Now the two buddies cuddle together at home, eat meals together and go on daily walks.

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