Brilliant Dog Has Become So Skilled At Playing Jenga That She Never Loses A Game

An Australian Shepherd named Secret is so remarkably intelligent that she has mastered the game of Jenga! Apart from Jenga, this bright girl can go sledding on her own, do yoga, draw, paint, and even dance to perfection!


Australian Shepherds are very energetic and have highly active minds. Mary, Secret’s 17-year-old owner, understands her dog’s adventurous and inquisitive spirit and always strives to keep her pooch happily engaged in new ventures.

Knowing Secret’s fondness for games, Mary decided to show her how to play Jenga! Secret was instantly besotted with the challenging game of focus and balance.

After a couple of tries, she figured out that she mustn’t let the fragmented tower crash by any means!

Source: my_aussie_gal/Instagram

Once Secret learned the rules of the game, she started “defending” the tower like her life depended on it. Throughout every game, she never loses focus and meticulously plucks out each block with an insane amount of patience and perseverance!

Honestly, calling Secret just a “genius dog” is an understatement. Mary reveals that Secret is her service dog for autism, and the loyal, hard-working dog accompanies her to school to make life bearable for her each day. Secret is a superhero in every sense of the word!

Click the video below to watch the amazing Secret playing Jenga like a pro!

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