Mom Wants Her Baby To Say ‘Mama,’ But It’s The Dog Who Steals The Show

A baby saying his or her first word is a very precious moment for the parents. Dad hopes it’ll be “Dada,” and mom hopes it’ll be “Mama.”

As they await the adorable day, they each make sure to do their part in teaching their word of choice. But in households with dogs, the pooches aren’t to be outdone!

In the video here, Mom is trying to get the baby to say “Mama.” But the Australian Shepherd is smarter than people think! He’s seen this trick done once or twice, and he knows if you answer correctly, you get a treat.

The dog races to spit out the magical word first and beats the baby to the punch. Mom can’t help but laugh! Then the baby waves at the dog as if to say “don’t steal my thunder!” Too funny and cute.

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