Dog & Baby Want The Last Piece Of Chicken, Dad Captures Their Ultimate Showdown

Baby Sam and his dog Beau have a very special bond. However, one day, their deep and unconditional love was tested over a piece of chicken.

We’re glad Dad was there to record how this ‘duel’ played out.

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

We see a large table in this video, with baby Sam and Beau standing at opposite ends. They both have their eyes glued to the last piece of chicken lying at the center of the table.

Now, it is a battle of smarts, strength and agility.

We see Beau make a dash to the table, and baby Sam also follows. The dog is too tiny to reach the chicken, no matter how hard he tries.

Sam, on the other hand, uses his human limbs to optimum advantage and easily grabs the chicken.

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

So, is it a cry of defeat for Beau? Hardly! The very next moment, we see Sam push the chicken towards Beau with his tiny hands and Beau happily snacks on it.

Sam was trying to help Beau this entire time! We are floored at how selfless Sam is, even as a toddler. What a precious little darling!

Click the video below to watch this heart-melting showdown between Baby Sam and Beau!

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