Sad stray dog receives a surprise package, watch her beautiful reaction when staff open it

When homeless dogs are rescued from the streets, it’s not always a happy ending. If a loving home cannot be found, they may have to be put down.

Stray dog Dora found herself in a dog pound in Romania, a place where an animal is given a limited amount of time to be claimed before they are sadly euthanized.

But Dora was lucky as she was rescued by Howl of a Dog and just weeks later a home was found for her in an unlikely place.

Her new owner sent Dora a special gift package to let her know who her new mommy would be, and her reaction was priceless.

The animal rescue organization, in Romania, had rescued Dora from the pound and she was just one of thousands of abandoned, stray and abused dogs they rescue every year.

When she was found she was traumatized, underweight and had skin problems. She walked with her head lowered and her tail between her legs.

Despite animal shelter staff caring for her, it took two weeks before she wagged her tail timidly.

One day she received a package all the way from the U.K. from a woman who wanted to be Dora’s new mom.

Her new family from Devon sent a package filled with the most thoughtful gifts for Dora.

Her new family had sent her a card, treats, toys and even a knitted toy that was designed to resemble her new mommy, an idea they had got from watching another adoption video.

As staff opened the package her tail started to wag, and she reached out her paw as if to ask for her gifts.

Soon after, transport was arranged, and she was able to join her new forever family.

“Dora lives now in the rural region of Devon, close to beaches with miles and miles of beautiful countryside, with forests, lakes, rivers and moorland… A perfect adventure playground for dogs,” according to the Howl of a Dog site.

“And she also has a gentle canine playmate, Cole – a black Labrador who is now Dora’s bigger brother and protector.”

Dora was filled with so much sadness it was heartbreaking; she had clearly lived a life without love.

God bless this person who adopted this obviously sweet and beautiful shelter dog!

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