Devoted Chihuahua Refuses To Leave His Fallen Friend’s Side

Lauren Kribbs was returning home from work when she saw two Chihuahuas at the side of the road. One dog was hunched over his companion, who had been fatally struck by a car.

He refused to leave his fallen companion’s side overnight and pawed at her body, trying to wake her up. Lauren has a Chihuahua of her own and wanted to help the sad stray dog who had been living in a northern Houston park with the other dog for some months.

Lauren took a video and uploaded it to YouTube appealing for help in finding someone willing to provide a home for the little dog with a broken heart.

She decided to name the dog “Romeo” as he had lost his “Juliet”.

An ABC 13 news crew was with her when she gently put a leash on him and pulled him away. In the video Romeo takes one last look back at his friend before he is whisked away to a vet and a temporary foster home.

Amanda Luckey had seen Lauren’s video and came to help, bringing a sweater and arranging a temporary foster home for the little dog. He may even have a future home already lined up.

For Lauren the help she received “reinforces my faith in humanity. It puts another thought in your head that dogs aren’t just animals without feelings. It shows they mourn just like we do.”

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