Rescue Dog Refuses To Leave Without Her Best Friend

When dogs leave rescue centers, they usually do so with a smile on their faces, but this poor dog was sobbing uncontrollably. Merrill, a Pitbull, and a chihuahua named Taco, were surrendered to Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco, America.

They were placed for adoption separately to increase their chances of being adopted. The three-year-old Merrill was crying in her cage and refused to move when it was time to leave without her best friend.

To avoid separating the dogs, the man interested in adopting her looked for another dog in need, as he did not have room in his home for two dogs. As a bonded pair, the team closed their separate applications and opened a new one where they could be adopted together.

According to a spokesperson: “These two love each other more than any bonded pair the shelter has ever seen. They cry when they leave each other’s side. This dynamic duo has lost their family, their home, and now we can’t let them lose each other.”

As a result of a Facebook appeal, the duo soon secured a home together after passing a two-week trial period with their new owners. The spokesperson added: “They went on a two-week trial adoption with the most wonderful family. They just let us know they would like to sign papers and make it official! They have found their forever home together.”

The owner shared an update on how they are settling into their new home after a few weeks. The update reads: “Merrill and Taco are doing wonderful in their forever home. They are enjoying hanging out by the fire and snuggling up after a long, fun-filled day.”

After this, a rescue dog tried her best to stand out in kennels by dancing for everyone who passed by. Thanks to her impressive dance moves, the one-year-old Ginger Rogers managed to secure a new home.

The Orange County Animal Services team in Florida said: “Ginger Rogers danced her way into hearts when her video was shared on social media. It’s been viewed more than 100,000 times. Miss Ginger has been adopted and she will soon be raising the roof under her new roof!”

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