Rejected Pups Huddled Together As One Tried To Blink Away Fleas From His Eyes

Too often, in many parts of the world, unwanted litters are born and then abandoned. Many of these babies perish but thankfully some are saved in time.

A woman that volunteers her time to help animals in need received a call when someone heard crying in the woods. She drove over to the location as fast as she could.

As she walked through the woods, polluted by garbage, she saw a black puppy. He stood there alone and afraid. He looked at the woman as if he had something to tell her. That is when she heard little yelps coming from 30 feet away.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

It was as if the black puppy was a guardian angel protecting his siblings. When the woman walked towards the little cries, she saw the rest of the litter.

Their condition was devastating. They were ravaged by ticks and fleas. They were also underweight and afraid.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

The puppies couldn’t be more than five weeks old. What kind of monster could leave them there without their mother? The woman had to come up with a plan.

She called in a friend who would help her gather up the puppies. But puppies, especially those that are afraid, are a challenge to catch.

The woman’s friend brought a basket and they continued on their rescue journey. Two of the puppies were huddled together. They were shaking.

One puppy had such a bad flea infestation on his face that he continued to blink them away from his eyes. It was heartbreaking!

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

The woman and her friend called ahead to a nearby shelter. At first, they said they were filled to capacity but she begged them for help anyway.

These puppies needed immediate medical attention. They were likely anemic from all the fleas and ticks. The shelter finally agreed to take them… on a temporary basis.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

The woman and her friend put them into a basket to bring them over. Thankfully she and her friend made some more calls and a local rescue group promised to help get the word out about the puppies on social media. Once the puppies were healthy and a bit older, they’d help them find forever homes.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official/YouTube

The pups were taken to the shelter and received all the medical attention they needed. They were given flea baths and the ticks were removed.

The veterinarian agreed that these puppies would not have survived much longer had they not been found. In a matter of days, they would have lost their lives but thank goodness these women stepped in and saved them.

We are so incredibly grateful! To see their full rescue, scroll down 🙂 We love animal heroes!

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